THE NEW IG UPDATE: Hiding Like Counts

Updated: May 19, 2020

This past week Instagram updated their platform to now hide the like count on photos and videos. Some people love it while others hate it but I have mixed feelings and here’s why...

In terms of personal use + especially with today’s youth I think it’s absolutely brilliant. I remember when Instagram first became a big thing when I was in high school + in no time people were comparing photos based on how many likes they got. Now it’s gotten worse... kids will delete photos if they don’t get a X amount of likes and I certain amount of time.

To help possibly with mental health, bullying, and self esteem, absolutely this is a GREAT thing. But then there's the business side. This is where I personally have an issue with it...

Before I go any further, keep in mind, on your OWN account, you can click on the likes and it gives you a summary. BUT as quick reference of engagement, likes/follower ratio it's just a straight pain. As someone who is trying to connect my clients with other strong brands, this is pretty difficult to pick apart now. For instance, I would rather support a company that has 500 followers getting 100-300 likes on a photo rather than one who has 34.5K followers getting 80 likes. The difference? One has genuine followers who interact with their brand and in turn could benefit my client, while the other either has many inactive followers, or just simply paid for them.

DEVILS ADVOCATE: The IG Algorithm tends to screw over some amazing brands, and likes don't always reflect the quality of content or products, OR their true engagement with their community.

I'd love to hear what you think about this, head over to my IG to share your thoughts!

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