Insta-Answered: Stories

Instagram Stories are a great tool to use as a business.

The problem when you make a post on your wall is that there is no guarantee when it will show up on a followers feed. The algorithm may deem the post as “not-relevant” for a particular follower and therefore won’t show them the post as soon as you share it.

Instagram stories on the other hand allow you to make a post for 24 hours that automatically shows up on the top bar of a followers’ feed. If you have something important to share, post it on your wall AND in stories to maximize eyes on your post.

But when is it a better choice to JUST post in stories?

Stories offer some great interactive features that can get your audience more involved. This is especially great when you are trying to increase engagement or find out more about what your followers want to see. Interactive stickers include:

  • Countdown (great for events, viewers can turn on reminders for the event)

  • Questions (freeform writing for suggestions, questions, feedback, or use the music option within it for music suggestions which are great for movement instructors)

  • Poll (have viewers vote on any question between 2 options, great for a quick response or a “this-or-that” series)

  • Reaction Slider (quick emoji response that allows viewers to “rate” a picture, video, or agree/disagree with a statement/question)

  • Quiz (great for educational businesses to see how much your audience is learning/retaining, these can be personal, fun, or educational)

If you are here asking, “Should I be posting on my stories?” The answer is always YES. But remember, people want to see YOU and what you are doing! Not just a text post letting them know something is on sale. They want to see the real side of your life and business, behind the scenes, creation processes, and all that jazz! I highly suggest you get comfortable with videos (they do SO much better on social media, especially on stories). Just start posting, even if you want to do 50 more takes, I promise you that you will improve with time. Just START! See how people react, get their feedback and keep growing.

Wondering what kinds of things to post for your business? Want to jazz up your stories more with doodles, stickers and gifs? Stay tuned for more blog posts on this!

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