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Updated: May 19, 2020

I love dance... but sometimes, dance doesn't love me 😬

On a weekly basis, I could be dancing anywhere from 7-10 hours, and sometimes my body bounces back no problem, other times, not so much. So I've made myself a tool kit that is always in my dance bag so I can make sure I take care of my body every chance I can... Especially when I have an injury.

In the past 2 weeks, I had an issue with my hip and then my shoulder, and I was able to recover within 24-48 hours thanks to these tools. That doesn't mean I'm going to go full force right after, but if definitely helps!

So what are these tools and how do I use them?

1️⃣ The Hook: This is amazing for upper back and shoulder pain, especially when you are working on a computer all day. I use this when I need to get work done but also need to fix some pains. I can work this into my neck, and even low back at the right angles. The gray rubber massager piece turns so you can really pinpoint the pain. (Find this at health stores or Winners/Homesense)

2️⃣ The Alpha Ball: This bad boy is my go to for majority of pains. It's saved my hips from locking up, radiating sciatic pains, shoulders, upper arms, bum tightness... seriously, it's just amazing. (From Yoga Tune Up)

3️⃣ The Duo Therapy Balls: These are my original self massage tool. They work amazing as a pair for my entire back, rolling up and down either side of your spine, really get into the little knots in the bum cheeks, and are incredible for your feet. I keep these behind me on long drives or under my feet at my desk to help with stiffness. (From Yoga Tune Up)

4️⃣ The Rolling Pin Massager: This is my quick fix. I used to suffer from a lot of knee pain from dance, thinking it was because I was weak, but then I learned how as your muscles are tightening in your thighs, its actually pulling and putting strain on your knees! DUH! Makes so much sense. So I use this rolling pin every night after dance to loosen up my legs (also fees great on your calves) and it's been a life saver before many performances. (Find this at Winners/Homesense or use an actual rolling pin or water bottle!)

Taking care of your body is so important if you want to really give it your all when you move and exercise. Going to the gym everyday isn't beneficial if you are not going to let your body recover or hydrate and fuel your body properly, and the same goes for any activity. So in addition to self massage, make sure you drink LOTS of water to help your muscles recover, and eat foods that will give you sustaining energy to last!

Hope this helps your muscles

~ V

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